16′ Sea Power being built

Fred Nawrot from the Philippines is building a 16’ Sea Power motorboat. He is modifying the design making a motor sailor boat. Fred is doing a great job with the boat and he writes that he likes the boat plans.

16' Sea Power

Please find below an extract of Fred’s words:

I need to tell you how easy it was to put all this together with the hull empty. Starting at the front and working back a frame at a time it went together like a glove…..(Like a kids puzzle) perfect fit every time. I can’t believe how it fit without any trimming. I had more fun with this boat than any of the other four boats I have built. I have pics of the complete building progress to document this. Once all the parts are cut out and fair you can put your saw away.

Wow! I only wanted to say thank you Morton…

16' Sea Power

16' Sea Power

16' Sea Power

16' Sea Power

Read more about the 16′ Sea Power and buy the boat plans here:

16' Sea Power
Boat plans for the 16′ Sea Power

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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