Choosing the Right Boat To Build – Part 2

This is part two of this article series. To read the first part please use this link:

Choosing the Right Boat To Build – Part 1

Keep An Eye On Costs

The last consideration when choosing a boat to build is cost. The bigger and more elaborate your boat plans are, the more expensive it will be to build. For instance, a 10-foot Garvey Flex boat may require only four sheets of plywood. In contrast, a 27-foot motorboat will use a good bit more material, which means the costs will rise.

The materials and embellishments you include with your boat can also increase its price. You can build a boat of standard plywood, but it is highly recommended that you use marine-grade plywood for best performance and longevity.

Adding extra storage compartments and extra seating can increase costs, as can the types of paints or stains you select when finishing your boat.


How will you get your new boat to the water? Do you live on the water? Do you have, or will you buy, a trailer? Smaller boats can easily be transported atop a car or truck. Larger boats will require some type of transportation to get them from the build site to the launch site. Before you wind up with a dry docked 21-foot Garvey Flex in your backyard, be sure you have a way to move it to the water.

Prams, scouts, barges, tugboats… the list goes on. You could literally choose to build virtually any type of boat you wanted. But when you weigh the size, simplicity, cost and transportation of each boat, you’ll have a better idea of which one is the right option for you.

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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