Boat building FAQ part 2

During the years of working with boat building and boat plans for small boats there has been some questions repeated by my customers. I have collected some of the most typical ones together with the answers. Enjoy 🙂

What tools do I need?

You can buy all the tools you need to build your boat at your local hardware store. Most likely you will have the tools already since the tools needed are normally included in most peoples toolbox.

The Boat Building Master Course also describes in details the tools you will need to build your boat.

How do I print the downloadable plans?

The downloadable plans are delivered to your computer as pdf files. This way you are sure always to be able to print the plans. The only software you need is a pdf reader and my guess is that you already have the software on your computer, and if you don’t you can get it for free.

You don’t need any special hardware to print the boat plans. A standard printer printing letter or A4 will do the job. Remember the boat plans are specially developed for this paper size so you will get the best quality boat plans printed on your own printer.

This is my first project – What should I consider?

For your first project you should consider finding a design that is not too complicated. It is no secret that building boats involves parts that needs to be assembled and maritime terms that you need to know. Therefore you should consider choosing one of the smaller designs.

Not that it is more difficult to build a larger design compared to a smaller one, but it requires more work and therefore more time, and it is easy to get to a stage where you feel you are not doing any progress.

Boat building is like many other things in life; it is easier when you have tried it before. So as a first time builder it is better to choose a small project that succeed and then move on to a larger design than choosing a large project that fails.

Is it difficult to build one of your designs?

Building one of my designs is not difficult. It will take some patience and attention to detail to build a boat, that is no secret. But my boat designs are designed with the target in mind that they should be easy to build, also for first time builders.

Building stitch and glue boats require less time and fewer skills than more traditional boat building. Therefore you will always be able to succeed with your project when you choose one of my designs. Not only are my designs easy to build but also the Boat Building Master Course describes all processes of building your new boat in details.

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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