Kindle for boat building books

For some time now I have been the lucky owner of a Kindle from Amazon. The Kindle is an ebook reader.

My kindle for boat building books

I love the Kindle reading device simply because it’s now possible for me to go on holiday or weekends without having to consider which books I should bring with me. Also I minimize the risk of bringing the wrong books, meaning ones that I didn’t want to read after all, because I always bring my entire library with me.

Another thing I love is the screen on the Kindle. It simply lets me read anywhere even in bright sunlight where ordinary screens on cellphones, iPad or laptops must give up. The screen on the Kindle makes it possible for me to read where I would also have read a book.

I know there are many different ebook readers available and I am sure many of them are great also. I only have a Kindle, so therefore that’s the one this blog post is about 🙂

Amazon KindleBefore we continue the ‘Kindle for boat building books’ please allow me a small add. If you want to buy a Kindle please use this link (if you buy using the link I will receive a small commission :-)).

So since I own a Kindle and I am a boat building nerd I have of course bought a number of books about boat building to my Kindle.

First the topic of the book doesn’t change the overall experience of reading on the Kindle. It’s still the same fantastic experience and there are many fine reasons for using the device for that.

Second there is an issue with pictures and graphic. It’s something I have seen before with other books and honestly it looks like it comes from the fact that many physical book publishers don’t recognize that publishing on a Kindle is different from print.

I think the publishers see a way of easily expand their business without paying attention to the fact that publishing on a Kindle requires work. Some of the errors are so horrible that I think they didn’t even flip through their own book before publishing it on Kindle.

When publishing my own books to the Kindle I learned that the process requires much time to get the result look good, so you my friend as a reader of my Kindle books will get the best experience reading my boat building books on your Kindle.

However there is still one problem I can’t overcome. This is the drawings. Since there is no print function from the Kindle you can’t get the drawings on paper. That’s not good when you want to build a boat. Therefore I promise you that when you buy my Boat Building Master Course, Kindle version, and need the plans for building I will sent you the drawings as pdf free of charge.

Boat Building Master Course for Amazon Kindle

Boat Building Master Course as paperback

Boat building – Amazon Kindle booklet – Only $ 2.99 (+ VAT when applicable)

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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