11′ J-Skiff being build

The other day I received a message from Ray and Joe from Australia. They have been building a 11′ J – Skiff from my boat plans.

11' J - Skiff picture 1

During the week they have been sending pictures a little by the time from the very beginning of the project. It has been really exciting and also a challenge to my patience to wait for new pictures to arrive day after day 🙂

11' J - Skiff picture 2Ray and Joe are indeed talented boat builders and you can say from the pictures that it is great work they are doing. Each day I have been more and more amazed by the pictures.

11' J - Skiff picture 3

As Ray and Joe wrote:

Joe and I are just two ordinary blokes, both retired, Joe was a bricklayer and I was a plasterer, Joe is 65 and I am 73 so if we can build boats any body can especially your designs and also Matts designs, your plans are so easy to follow.
Kind regards Ray & Joe

That’s very kind of them 🙂

11' J - Skiff picture 4

11' J - Skiff pictures

11' J - Skiff pictures

11' J - Skiff pictures

11' J - Skiff pictures

Read more about the 11’ J-Skiff and buy the boat plans here:

Boat plans for the 11′ J-Skiff

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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