What is Downloadable boat plans?

“I know nothing about boat design, boat building or boat architecture but I feel as if I have hit a gold mine in the designs you provided. Getting anything on the internet is always a crap shoot, so thank you for making it a pleasant experience. 
Your plans are beyond my expectations. I really can’t wait to get started.” 
Wayne Lancaster, USA

To say it simple: You download the plans – you print the plans – you build your own boat.

The downloadable boat plans are not just a collection of drawings and measurements that only a professional boat builder can understand. They include step-by-step instructions with pictures and drawings that clearly represent each stage of the boat building process.

The downloadable boat plans are specially developed for this distribution method. They are not just scaled versions of large plot plans but every precaution is taken to make the plans really suit this format and that you get maximum quality.

I invented the downloadable boat plans and the way I see it the downloadable boat plans has many advantages.

First of all you will receive your new boat plans right away. No need for waiting until the boat plans are shipped and the postman arrives to your address. It’s simply a matter of minutes before you are ready to study your new boat plans and planning building your new boat.

Second you will always be sure to have all the plans you need in your workshop. Can you imagine how easy it’s by accident to damage your boat plans in your workshop? They can get torn up or spilled on by accident. With the downloadable boat plans it’s no problem. Go back to your computer and print a new one. Simple isn’t it?

And one last thing. Everything you download will work on any MAC or PC. All the boat plans, building instruction and boat building master course. Even the 3D model will work seamlessly with both MAC and PC computers.

“I love the plans and I can’t wait to try this boat on our backwaters here in Florida.” 
Jon Baldia, USA.

A short video showing how the downloadable boat plans works. Enjoy 🙂

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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