13′ Water pod being build

My good friend Kevin from Calgary, Canada approached me with his thoughts of a new small rowing boat he wanted me to design. His initial ideas included a sketch and the following words:

I believe my idea is quite complete and do-able. I have tried not to leave you many questions. I hope that I have illustrated my idea in a way that you will like, and approve of. I have thought about this idea a fair amount and sincerely look forward to your expertise and design.

I also thought about the aesthetics of the boat. I believe this layout will look amazing on the water, and will most definitely turn a few heads. I look forward to the question “where can I get a boat like that?” and I’ll simply send them your direction.

I often imagine being on the water in this boat, relaxing, exploring and sight seeing at my own pace.

It’s not about speed, is more about taking the time to enjoy the moments that come along.

This is not a fast boat / nor a slow boat.

What it is… is reliable and performs to my satisfaction, and I trust you and your expertise to make that happen.

This little boat can do it all!  First and for most, this boat is a ‘row boat’, and yet, how nice to throw on a little 2-4 hp electric motor on the back.

I have also added a sailing option. I love nothing more than getting up at 6 a.m. and getting on the water. A light breeze picks up as the sun rises and a gentle sail around the lake. How wonderful…

A key part of this design is the “removable seat (s)”. I believe it is “this option” that makes it all do-able. I think the idea has a simple application as well.  (Nuts and bolts if you will).

I do hope I’ve inspired you, and yes I do hope there’s a little of me in this boat as well.


Calgary, Canada

After emailing forth and back some time we ended up with a small dory design that could accommodate Kevin’s ideas and has a size suitable for handling alone both onshore and offshore.

Images of the 13' Water pod

Kevin is building the boat right now and he is going to share some pictures later on when he gets the boat more finished. However he sent a sneak peek of the hull assembled. Looking really good I think 🙂

13' Water pod pictures

13' Water pod picture

Happy boat building,

Morten Olesen, Naval Architect

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